Visual Word - Patience

Why We Don’t Get What We Pray For

For ye have need of patience, that, after ye have done the will of God, ye might receive the promise. (Heb 10:36 KJV)

Have you been praying for something you want to happen and it has not yet happened? Maybe it is for you to be healed or someone you loved to be healed… Maybe it is for a job because we all need employment or a way to provide for our homes and our families… or Maybe it is for some problem you’ve been dealing with. I’m talking about things and situations we know God doesn’t want us to have to deal with.

God wants us to be happy, or to be healed or to have provisions. Even more than that. We CAN and we deserve to have the desires of our hearts. After all, if we are God’s children, we have God thoughts and desires so what we want will be what God wants.

In many circles I’ve been apart of, it seems the topics have all centered around getting stuff from God or getting God to “do” something for us or on our behalf. This is okay, but it should not be the focus.

Matt. 6:33 says “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all He requires of us and all “these things” will be provided for us. These “things” represent the desires of our hearts or the things we want. I’ve heard people who have made millions by doing a certain thing say that they did not plan to get rich by doing a certain thing and that they were just doing what they believe they were supposed to be doing. They kept doing what they believed they should be doing and they acquired wealth.

This is what I propose to you today. Many of the things we want are easy to acquire from God. Today I want to share 3 steps to finally getting your prayer answered:

  1. Ask God for what you want.
  2. Get quiet and Listen. (Take notes)
  3. Do what you heard to do while you were listening to God.

You have need of patience… be patient. After you do what God instructs you to do, your prayer will be answered. Don’t think about the problem. Only be concerned with doing what God says and you will be rewarded with what you prayed for.

Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to gain weight? Do you want to be a great dancer? Do you want more money and have peace along with the money? There are answers for all of “these things.” Find out what God wants you to do to receive what you asked for and DO IT!

Pray this prayer:

Heavenly Father,
Forgive me for not spending the proper time with you. Forgive me for not listening to things you have told me to do that I haven’t done. Show me what I need to do, the steps I need to take to get (fill-in-the-blank) my healing, my business off the ground, a better relationship with the people I work with, etc. Let your instructions be clear to me. I am listening and I am open to receive your instructions. In Jesus’ name. Amen!

What Do You Believe

“All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:”
2 Timothy 2:16 – KJV

Have you ever thought about why you believe the stuff you believe?

Many time we are blinded by people in authority we respect and are influenced by and so we believe whatever they tell us without a second thought. (View on YouTube instead.)

Knowing the truth begins with a sincere desire to know the truth for yourself. Don’t take the words of me. Research everything someone tells you. Ask questions.

Pray this prayer: “Father, help me in my belief. Lead me to what is good and what is true  Show me what the truth really is so that I know the truth for myself.

Listening To God

 “Listen To Me”

Thinking on these things and not “those” things.
I’m led to share with you something God shared with me… To spend at least 10 dedicated, TOTALLY focused, uninterrupted minutes each day listening, thinking and meditating on what it is that God wants for your life… Being alert throughout the day to recognize opportunities, solutions and answers He is trying to provide. 10 minutes is not a lot of time, but God can do a lot with a little.


God is always talking to us but we can’t always hear Him unless we specifically purpose to hear. The answer to whatever concerns us already exists. We don’t have to rely on another man to provide the answer that God already has for us.


Ask Him again for the answers you want. Then Listen. Be alert. Be attentive. Pay attention and purpose to hear. Always be listening to Hear from God. You never know the manner in which God may choose to bless you.


Pray this prayer:
Father open my eyes so I can see what it is you have in store for me.
Let me keep my mind on you, what is good and what is true.
Guide my speech. Guide my way. Lead me in my path today.
In Jesus’ name, amen.

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