I Can Predict My Future

How I Am Able To Predict My Future

Ever been fascinated by how your mom or someone who always seemed to know what will happen in the future or they can tell you about yourself? How do they “know things?”  I later discovered how. I can predict my future in one of two ways so that I know for myself what is going to happen.  So can you.

One way we can predict our own future is that we can plan our future and following the plan we set out will almost guarantee our outcome.  The only problem with this, is that while we plan what we want to happen, there are things that we don’t control which happen.  So while we may get close, we cannot be 100 percent certain of the future we plan.  This is where God comes in.  While the bible tells us to plan so that what we do can be successful, God has the perfect plan and will show it to us in advance if we allow and if we pay attention to him. 

We have to spend quiet time with Him and listen to see what He has to tell us.  This is the second way to know what the future holds.  God will always show us what’s in our future if we want to know.  In fact He wants to show us. The following devotion is to help you begin seeking God for your future.

How To Predict Your Own Future

It is possible to know things like, I will be a Doctor, or I will be married and have children and other specific detail about your life in the future. As a child, my son always knew he would have a career in accounting and he never deviated from it. I always knew I would be involved somehow with technology.

Many people think of psychics or fortune tellers when it comes to knowing events that will take place in the future. Christians sometimes rely on Prophets to “prophesy” or tell them things that will occur in the future.  But did you know that even as a Christian, you should not “blindly accept” as true what a prophet says?  God teaches us and speaks to us by way of His Holy Spirit.  This means we should have some prior knowledge of whatever prophecy is given to us.  It means that God spoke to us or gave us some sort of inclination and then a prophet came along and confirmed what we already knew deep down.

For example, you might be thinking of changing careers but you are not quite sure about making that decision.  Someone may come along and present an opportunity similar to or just like you were thinking. This is confirmation to you.  God gives us little clues along the way. This helps us to predict how our life or certain situations will turn out.

We must spend time with God, reading His word, praying and listening for direction.  Then we will be able to “see,” hear, and “pick up on” clues or information He gives us.  Then as we get information or inclinations, act on those things.  This practice can bring us into perfection of our ability to hear God and know what He has planned for our future.

As I write this article there are some specific next step instructions I am seeking and listening to Hear from God about.  The following devotion below is from one of my own personal sessions with God that I decided to share.  Feel free to use it in your own quiet time.

Devotion: Find Your Future In Me

Jeremiah 29:11 My plans are to prosper you.  I have no intention of EVER harming you.  Find your hope in me.

Me: I find my future in my God.  I thank you Father for direction . . . for guidance and for Hope.  I thank you for my future.  I thank you for prospering and protecting me.

God: Approach every situation you face with an open mind, knowing that I am fully attentive to you and your needs.

Me: Thank you, Father that you are indeed attentive to my needs.  I am listening.  I am open.  I am still, knowing that you are God.

God: You must seek me (God) for yourself first, before you can seek me for anyone else. Focus on you and I will change everything around you.

Me: Okay Lord, I focus on you and whatever you want me to do and I thank you for changing everything around me.

God: Allow me to surround you like a shield.  This is your Faith, through which nothing can penetrate.  Let my faith be your faith.  It is a strong, lasting faith.  It will sustain you.

Me: Father, I put on your shield of faith as my armor… I accept your faith as my faith… make your strength perfect in me during times of weakness.  Let me have that perfect Love that drives out all fear.  Show me how to love.  Thank you Father, for your peace.