People Say I Love You

Poem: When People Say I Love You

When people say I love you
They don’t know that it’s not true
Because to say “I love you”
Is an action; something you do

How would “I Love You” look
Towards your mother or your father
Towards your sister or your brother
Towards your son or your daughter

Towards your spouse or your friend
Will you be there in the end?
Can you show them by your actions
Your words are not some fad that’s in

“I love you” is a power
It is strength, it is a force
Without it there are no miracles, no healings
Because love is the ultimate source

Many cannot truly love
Because true love they haven’t seen
It’s the kind of love – that is regardless
Only love can make you clean

Don’t ever say “I love you”
Unless you mean it
And you can show it
And others have seen it
And then you know it

I hope you enjoy this poem on love.  We generally don’t think about the implications of using this term.  If you genuinely love someone, it will show in what you do.  To love someone is to treat them the way that God would.  True love has no fear of rejection, or abuse or wrong doing.  True love is the only force or power that can cause miracles to happen.  True love says, “I love you regardless and not because.”