Bible Myths and Truths

This video was recorded with my dearly departed Tonia. During her last few years on this planet we spent a great deal of time together to no plan of our own. I was blessed to leave my corporate job and pursue my own business ventures which gave me the time to driver her to school daily and we did a lot of hanging out.

We spent a lot of time in the Word of God. Tonia is a true testament to the scripture in Hebrews that tells us how “some even died in faith never having received the promise.” I watched her as she proclaimed her faith to the end. She was adamant that I maintain my faith and never give up.

I believe there is purpose even in death. One minister friend of mine said that he believed her death was a call for all of us to pray and continue praying and to boldly proclaim what we believe.

One of the things Tonia said is that “The people should pray until it happens…” I kept hearing this over and over. One of the things I learned in this is to be alert, pay attention to everything going on around you. Pray and keep praying… fast if you have to to get the end result you want. The other thing I learned is that

God is always talking to us. But we don’t always hear Him or cannot hear Him because of the noise. If we do hear Him we may be afraid to do what He says.

Don’t be afraid to do what you believe God instructs you to do. You may have a prompting, you may hear a small voice or you may have intuition about what to do in certain situations. Do it by faith.