A Happy Attitude (Poem)

Poem: A Happy Attitude

This poem is about having a happy attitude.  Emotions are contagious.  How you start your day will determine how your entire day goes.  You can decide that today will be a great day.  You can decide that no matter what happens your attitude will be positive. Your decision will produce the best outcome for whatever situation you face today.

A Happy Attitude is very healthy for the heart

A happy attitude – it gives the day a great start

So be cheerful in the morning when you get up out of bed

It will make your day much smoother

There’s not much more which can be said

Happiness can be contagious

You should spread it all around

It’s a great you can pick up saddened faces off the ground

If you’re down at any moment, you should think a happy thought.

Think about it for a long time.  Think about the cheer it brought.

A happy attitude will alleviate your stress.

A happy attitude, my friend, keeps you at your very best.