Listening To God

 “Listen To Me”

Thinking on these things and not “those” things.
I’m led to share with you something God shared with me… To spend at least 10 dedicated, TOTALLY focused, uninterrupted minutes each day listening, thinking and meditating on what it is that God wants for your life… Being alert throughout the day to recognize opportunities, solutions and answers He is trying to provide. 10 minutes is not a lot of time, but God can do a lot with a little.


God is always talking to us but we can’t always hear Him unless we specifically purpose to hear. The answer to whatever concerns us already exists. We don’t have to rely on another man to provide the answer that God already has for us.


Ask Him again for the answers you want. Then Listen. Be alert. Be attentive. Pay attention and purpose to hear. Always be listening to Hear from God. You never know the manner in which God may choose to bless you.


Pray this prayer:
Father open my eyes so I can see what it is you have in store for me.
Let me keep my mind on you, what is good and what is true.
Guide my speech. Guide my way. Lead me in my path today.
In Jesus’ name, amen.