In His Strength – Part 2

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. The Joy of the Lord is my strength. It is God who gives me the power to get wealth… All of these scriptures are POWER scriptures. They talk about us having God’s power. Yet many of us do not have God’s power because we do not believe we have or can have His power.

God’s power simply helps us to do the things we cannot do alone. We may try and try to break a habit. We may try and try again to lose weight. We may try everything we know to heal an ailment and in all of our trying, we fall short because we lack the power to do it alone.

In the video below you can discover how to obtain God’s strength to help you perform the tasks, endure the circumstance, gain the victory in whatever we are experiencing.

Pray this prayer: “Father, I thank you for providing me with the grace and strength I need for this day to do whatever I have on my plate to do.”

In His Strength – Part 1

We have the power to overcome, to endure and to be strong but not in our own strength. We need God’s strength to do those things we cannot do on our own.

God’s Holy Spirit is the thing that allows us to have the power and gives us the ability to do the hard things in life. The Holy Spirit is a helper. It is an influence. It can even give us peace and comfort even when there is no reason to have peace. It can cause us to be happy when we don’t have a reason.

Life In The Spirit

How To Live Life In The Spirit

Life in the SpiritIn order for us to live a life in the spirit, we have to have God’s spirit live within us.  There is a process to living life in the spirit.  Though it requires diligence, it is not difficult.  The foundation scriptures below, though not all inclusive, will give you some background on the subject of living by God’s Holy Spirit and help increase your ability to live in the spirit.

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I Can Predict My Future

How I Am Able To Predict My Future

Ever been fascinated by how your mom or someone who always seemed to know what will happen in the future or they can tell you about yourself? How do they “know things?”  I later discovered how. I can predict my future in one of two ways so that I know for myself what is going to happen.  So can you.
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Receive The Holy Spirit

The Truth About How to Receive the Holy Spirit

How to Receive the Holy SpiritThe truth on how to receive the Holy Spirit is contrary to what we may have seen or heard about. Many believe that the Holy Spirit is some weird way of behaving in Christians.  There is a lot of teaching about the various ways to receive the Holy Spirit. Is there only one way or are there several ways? We will look at them today. Read more