Answered Prayers

How to Increase Your Faith by Getting Your Prayers Answered

Answered PrayersIf you want to get answered prayers from God, it is not hard.  He loves to answer our prayers.  And while we are not always listening, He loves talking to us.

It is amazing how answered prayers from God can boost your confidence and faith.  Sometimes it can seem like you aren’t hearing from Him and you begin to check to see if maybe you are still connected to God. God wants to answer even the simple prayers that don’t really matter to anyone except you.

I believe God does things like this to show us to be calm and remain patient because He is always with us even when it does not seem like it.  You see at this time, I had been working on something I hadn’t seen the results.  I know it was a God idea.   I had done everything I believe I could think of.  What was missing?

Coincidentally at the same time, I had misplaced something expensive.  It had been a year since I last saw it and I didn’t realize it was missing until I was reminded of it.  I thought, surely I could not have been that careless.  I did have a lot going on and it was very easy to misplace things.  I looked in every “logical” place that it should have been based on how I store personal items and finally I had accepted it as lost.  Then I thought, “God rebukes the devourer for Tithers.” (Malachi chapter 3)  I am both a tither and giver.  Giver of time and finances.

I looked every where inside and outside of the house.  So finally, I asked God “Please let this item be in this house.”  Not even two seconds later, right where I was standing, there it was!  I was prompted to open a container in front of me and it was neatly packed there.  This was not my most logical place of storage.  In fact, I might not have even opened that container for anything for a long, long time because I knew what was in it, so I thought.

I have had numerous incidents like this.  So when I am tempted to think God isn’t hearing me, I remember the times where I prayed specifically and He answered me immediately.  If God cares about the little things, how much more does He care about our greater concerns.  Some of our prayers require patience.

Get Your Prayers Answered

As the scripture says, “You have need of patience, that after you have done the will of God, you shall receive the promise.”  What have you asked God for specifically?  What has He told you to do relative to what you asked Him?  If you don’t know, ask him.  Listen for Him to answer. Then . . . Do what He says.  Then have patience.  Rest knowing you will receive what you asked for.  This is how to get answered prayers.