Find Your Purpose In Life

Knowing God’s Purpose For Your Life

Many people when asked what they believe God’s purpose in life for them is they either don’t know and/or are no where close to living in the purpose and calling God has for them.

If you are not living out your God-given purpose that means somebody you are supposed to help or bless is not being helped.

It may take some time but you can find out what your purpose in life is so you can begin living a more abundant life.


What Is Purpose?

Purpose is the reason we were born. It is the thing we do that we must do… the thing we have to do and we don’t know why but before we can realize it,

we find ourselves “drawn” to it and doing it even if we are not paid to do it.

Your Purpose benefits those you encounter.  And while others may benefit from you serving your purpose, Purpose is for you, because you find fulfillment in operating in purpose and people are blessed, inspired or helped by your purpose.  Purpose does not eliminate problems.  It just makes them obsolete… of little value or importance.  Problems cannot prevent purpose.  In fact, in some cases, problems can help purpose along.


Finding Your Purpose

As a young Christian in ministry learning to understand the gifts and callings of God, this was always interesting to me because I wanted to know exactly what it was I was supposed to do. I have always been interested in seeing “results.”  I like to see people get the help they need… I like seeing people achieve their goals, especially after trying for so long. It bothers me to see people go to church for years, expecting, hoping and never seeing any results.  Some have died in faith, as the scripture references, never having seen the promise.

I honestly believe that God’s will can be done right here on earth as it is in heaven.  That means that if everyone in heaven is rich and healthy, we should be rich and healthy while we are here on earth.  Because of this, I was always doing something, involved in some kind of activity or project.  I like doing a variety of different things by nature because I like knowing how things work.  This is when I learned that in making myself available and busy participating in ministry projects, personal projects and other activities I can just as easily find out what my purpose is NOT.

The easiest way to find out what your purpose in life is – is to ask God, the one who made you.  Then do those things you already know to do.  As you do this, God gives you additional insight on what else you should do.


Our Realized Purpose

We may not realize our full purpose all at once. It may be that we know we are supposed to take singing lessons or music lessons but don’t know why.  At the time we just “know” this is the thing we are supposed to be doing. Then at a later time we may find ourselves writing or composing music, or we may find ourselves teaching music. But whatever the case, when we get strong desires to do a thing, we should not ignore it.

Oftentimes we think our purpose has to do with something “huge” or “great” and that “the world must know about it.”  It may be that your sole purpose in life like the Virgin Mary would be to influence and develop the “one” who would do something “huge” or “great.” Don’t despise seemingly small projects or tasks.

It is not always some deep revelation we will get about our purpose and that does happen for some people.  Could it be that we are living in our purpose already and don’t know it? Sometimes it isn’t revealed to us until later.  It could be that our purpose was to say something… one simple phrase at the right time to kick off a whole series of events or we may say something simple that changes a person’s life forever.

Just know that we all are created for something very specific and we should not leave this earth until we fulfill that calling.  So what about the people who have died at young ages or died with dreams they had still in them? Does it mean that they did not fulfill their purpose?  I think not.

I believe God can create purpose even in death.  It could be that the death of one individual is the salvation of another individual.  Death can bring unlikely relationships together.  It can create strength out of weakness… independence out of dependency.

I challenge everyone who reads this to make the most of each day by asking God to reveal to you His perfect plan for you and how to go about implementing it.  God’s word is a light unto our feet and a lamp unto our path. So His word gives us clues to direction in our lives.

Read His word daily and meditate on it and we will be successful in the discovery for purpose in our lives.


Pray this prayer for purpose

Heavenly Father, I ask that you reveal to me my purpose in life and make it clear to me. Let me have clear hearing and understanding.  I remove all obstacles that would prevent me from hearing you as I wait on your direction. Give me simple instructions for this day and I will purpose to obey them.  I thank you Father, for revealing your plan to me.