Can We Be Super Human?

What It Means To Be A Super Human Being

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Science and Technology make it possible to do what was once impossible but that does not make us super human. I read an article once where they were using technology to recreate stronger limbs when a soldier got injured. Years ago this was only possible in the movies. God calls for those of us who are His to be “Super Human.”  The only reason for us to believe in Christianity . . . the only reason for us to pray or to have faith in a power greater than ourselves is so that we can “be” greater.  Wikipedia defines superhuman as one who has qualities that exceed those found in humans.  The reason we pursue a faith or religion, is because we are looking for ‘something’ or a power greater than themselves… something that makes us… well, greater.

All of us can think of people we know of or have heard about doing super extraordinary things.  We may even wonder what it would be like to have the same super abilities as another person we see doing those things.

Who Gets To Have These Superhuman Powers?


Do you know that we all have superhuman powers and we really can live a super human powered life? I was talking with a friend once.  During the conversation I was telling her about a time in my life where everything worked almost instantly.  I could say I wanted to do something and the next thing I knew it was happening. I could think about and decide I wanted something and before I knew it I had my desire.  I stopped getting sick and having ailments… I mean everything just worked! This is what I had to get back to. This was my super power at work.

It’s kind of like working out.  You get really nice and tone and you look good.  Then you slack off and you start to get flabby.  We wouldn’t dare think about slacking off eating to the point where we forget to eat and only eat every now and then.  We’re setting ourselves up for a weak and mal-nutritioned body if we do that.  Our spirits are the same way if we don’t feed them.  Our spirits are what we live by.  Whatever is in our spirit is what we will produce externally whether it is good or ban. Our spirits are what cause us to be “Super Human.”

How To Use These Supernatural Powers

1. Understand that our weapons of warfare are not carnal.  That means we don’t “fight fire with fire,” as they say.  We don’t “draw our guns,” so to speak because someone else pulls out a gun. We don’t address our issues in the realm we can see.  Instead, we address our issues in the spirit . . . in a space that we cannot see.  Rather than attacking a problem directly, we use the power that we have been given to destroy the ‘spirit of influence’ that is causing us the trouble.

2. Accept God’s Power as your own. Know that the power that has been given us is God’s ability by way of accepting the fact that he provides us with a power greater than ourselves that we can use through prayer.

3. Call on that power when you need it. All we have to do is call on this power to address any situation we face.  This is what makes us super human.

Now does this mean that we won’t physically do something to solve a problem? Certainly not.  It just means, that we look inward for the wisdom on how to deal with each issue and the wisdom we receive comes from a super natural place and will resolve the issue at the root level and not on the surface level.

Using Our Super Human Power For Our Health


When a person is sick, many times it is a result of some spiritual or emotional issue that “manifested” itself or showed up as some kind of illness.  A broken heart for example can cause depression and even heart problems.  People get sick and sometimes have a hard time treating the illness.  If the illness was due to some emotional manifestation, the person won’t be healed no matter how much medication and treatment they get until they let go of that emotional baggage.  Bitterness resulting from a divorce is a great example of this.

Love Is The Key To Super Human Power

Did you know that love heals? It really does.  It is our secret “super human” power.  Love is a supernatural energy or inspiration.  Although it can be accompanied by emotion, it is not an emotion like anger or happiness.  It has nothing to do with the way you feel about a person.  Love is the energy or motivation that compels or causes you to “do stuff” that you would not in your own power do.  Because I love someone I do those things that add value and life to them.


When a person is angry over a particular situation . . . you may have said this yourself – I know I have said it before – “I get mad all over again every time I think about it.”  The problem is in the thinking about it.  Don’t think about it and you won’t dwell on it.  Don’t rehearse the scene in your head over and over.

I heard an elder at my church say, you have to erase the tape in your head and play a different tape. Play a tape of what you want in your life.  The bible tells us what to think – think on whatever is good, pure, righteous and true.

What Does It Really Mean To Be Super Human?

So what does it mean to be “superhuman?”  God’s word is spirit.  You can’t see it.  Neither can you see evil spirits.  To be superhuman is to live just like God and with the same power and authority He has. Many people don’t believe we have this ability.

Do this exercise: Take a deep breath and blow the air from your mouth.  Can you see the air?  No you can’t.  The point being, if you speak God’s word, which is spirit, it has power. You cannot see the words coming out of your mouth.  It is just like the invisible air you blowed.

Our Words Carry Super Powers

Spiritual words that come out of your mouth cannot be seen but they are filled with faith are just like a shield. They form a hedge of protection around you.  They are just like a weapon.  They cancel out evil.  They literally destroy evil.  These are in essence our weapons of protection and war.

Whenever someone says something negative to me I always like to respond back with my own positive words so that my “spirit-filled” words cancel out the negativity.  This is my weapon of protection.

If we know that everything that happens, happens as a result of one of two influences (good – or bad), then we know how to address every issue.  Every action we take is influenced by either “good” or “bad.”

When a person mistreats someone, an evil spirit influenced them.  When you are kind to a person, a good spirit or God’s spirit influenced them.  Galatians 5:16-22 provides an excellent comparison and contrast to good an evil.  There is only Good or Evil.  There is no in-between.

Results Of The Words We Say

It came to me as a shock one day when my Pastor was teaching on confession relative to how everything we have in our lives is a result of what we have said.  This did not make sense to me. Then I thought about what he said again.  Then I thought about some things I have always said.  I have always said, “I will never be fat.”  I have always said about my children, “I have good children.”  These and many other things I have said all turned out to be what happened in my life.

It makes you become more responsible with your words.  Television depicts scenes of someone using witchcraft to cast a spell and in those scenes, you always see where they have to speak some words in order to cast a spell.  It is the same for us.  We have to speak some words in order to break a spell.

Jesus spoke to the winds and the rain and they obeyed.  We can do the same.  I’ve tried it and it worked on more than one occasion!

We have to believe and do not doubt, but only God’s word embedded in us (abiding in) can cause us to not doubt.

At some point, being super human becomes natural.

Can We Be Super Human?  If So, How?

  1. Cleansing: It all starts with purification.  The bible says confess your faults one to another so that you may be healed.  Just admit and acknowledge things you have done wrong with the intent to do better.  Then do it.
  2. Cleansing: If you need to forgive someone, forgive.  Don’t hold any “ill” feelings against anyone.  It causes illness.  We have to be just like children in this area.  Children are very forgiving.
  3. Spend some quiet time with God and Listen. Once you have purified yourself, you want to find out from God what to do next. Matthew 6:33 Seek what God requires of you and He will give you your heart’s desires.  Read his word, study it and think on it so it can be a part of your spirit.  Then God will begin to talk to you. This is what really makes you super human.
  4. Obey what God tells you to do. This is your priority. When you spend quiet time with Him, oftentimes you will hear instructions on what to do. Sometimes they will be small simple instructions without much detail, but do it any way.  The first act of obedience leads to the next set of instructions.


After making it a habit to live this way, life becomes exciting. You begin to look forward to what you will hear next. Life is good when we live by our superhuman spirits.