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Where Do We Go For Answers On Dating?

Couple DatingThere weren’t many places to go for Christian Dating Advice until the most recent years.  No one was talking about the proper way to conduct a proper male/female relationship prior to marriage.  A few preachers and other people that were perhaps more spiritual touch on “shacking up” and “fornication.”  But few are teaching the proper way to conduct a courtship in the Christian culture.

In some cultures, there is no such thing as dating.  When it is time to marry, they just do.  There is more to it than that, but it is just that simple.

When it comes to dating, Christian rules should be simple: “What does the bible say?”

There is a scripture that tells us to avoid what “looks like the appearance of evil.”  While the Bible does not have exact scenarios to match everything we might face today, we can use bible principles to live by.  Which is what we will use in this series as examples.  Some things are common sense, like don’t find yourself alone with opportunity for anything to happen between you and another person, married or unmarried.

A friend of mine was having some work done at her house by a man we both knew well. Christian, I might add.  This man is well trusted and respected.  She asked if I would come over while he was there doing the work.  In other words, as the scripture says: “Don’t give the devil a chance.”  This might seem trivial, but these are the kinds of scenarios that has led to scandal for many.

Paul gave some great instructions to married people and single people alike.  He says if a man cannot contain himself, let him marry.  Why is it so important that a man and woman be married before having sex?  Mainly because it ties the two together emotionally which involves your soul.  This is where all the drama comes from in the average relationship.  It seems harmless at first, but when two people sleep together before marriage without the commitment, it adds confusion putting a strain on the relationship.  New and often assumed expectancies arise as a result.

If the bible tells us that it is wrong to do something, then it must also tell us how the right way to do something or we have no chance of success.  Fortunately the bible gives us all the answers we need for how to handle every situation.   If fornication is a sin, how are we supposed to remain pure until we are married?  After all, we are all human.  Is it really possible to be successfully single and resist as they say, those natural “urges?”

The remaining articles in this series will go into more detail.

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