Bible Verses By Topic

Study Bible Verses By Topic: There Are Advantages

If you study bible verses by topic, it can have huge advantages.  When I first started trying to study the bible for myself, I was learning from a minister who had just completed bible college and starting a new church.  We would go from the front of the bible to the back.  The one thing I noticed in common is that we would always study bible verses by topic.

This was quite different than looking up scriptures in the concordance which was indexed by keyword.  We stayed on a topic for months until we learned that topic and that topic was embedded in us.  Over a period of time I ended up with a collection of bible verses by topic.  There is an answer in the bible for everything we face and a set of scriptures that go with it.

If you want more faith, you can read all the scriptures that relate to faith.  If you want to have joy, you can read all the scriptures that relate to joy.  However, there is more to it than just looking up the word “faith” or “joy” in the bible and reading every related scripture to the topic.

There has to be some actual studying that takes place where you allow God’s Holy Spirit to give you the meaning.  This is what helps our faith to grow.  Studying by topic allows you to get full perspective and meaning.  It grounds you in a subject.

One thing I find effective is hearing bible scriptures read aloud and reading along with them.  It has double the effect on the senses.  You can see and hear the scriptures at the same time.

To begin your quest of studying bible verses on your own, choose a topic and begin searching for all bible verses related to that topic.  Allow God to lead you to bible verses that go specifically with that topic.  When you do study the bible, make sure to give it your undivided attention in order to get the most benefit.

If you would like a jump-start, you can begin by downloading the free video of healing scriptures on this website.  Read, study them and confess them until you get complete understanding of the topic of healing.  You will also be led to do additional study and find additional scriptures, which will add to your knowledge.