Like A Child

Present Yourself Like A Child To God

Like a ChildWhen it comes to our relationship with God, He wants us to present ourselves to Him like a child.  Like a child, we should be innocent about what is bad.  Children don’t know what evil is until they are taught.  Everything is “good” to a child unless they are told otherwise.  You ever notice how even when in unfavorable situations, children still find a way to make fun out of it?  They hold true to God’s word of “counting it all joy” when you find yourself in various situations.

In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve initially knew no sin until it was introduced to them.  Did you know that it is possible to live a life without sin?  The bible tells us in 3rd John verse 11 that whoever continues to remain in sin has never seen Him or know Him.  That means, how can we live a life of sin if we really know God because to know Him is to “abide in” His son and to “abide in” His son causes us to be able to live the life that God calls for us to live.  It is impossible then to live a life of “purposeful” sin and know God.

The bible also tells us to “be ye perfect as the father in heaven is perfect.”  God gives us the power by means of His Holy Spirit to be able to obey His word fully and then we can be like Him.  This is how we can be perfect.  We cannot live a sin-free life in our own strength, but it is possible to do if we allow full control over our lives to Him.

Like a child, if we remain in God’s word and surround ourselves with people, communication and environments that promote the things of God, we will be innocent about what is evil and all we will know is good.  This is what He wants from us!