Understanding The Bible

Keys To Understanding The Bible. It Is Simple…

Keys to Understanding the BibleUnderstanding the Bible is simple once you know how.  It first starts with a sincere desire to know and understand God’s word.  This is the first step.

As you begin to read, some of the words and terms may may seem foreign in the beginning, but you will be surprised at how you begin to actually understand what the bible is really saying.

The first key is praying to God first and asking Him what will he have you to learn from the bible.  Ask him for understanding.  Don’t force it.  It will come.  Then when you read, whatever insight you are provided, take note of.  It can be little or small inspiration that you get when you read the bible.

The second key is understanding that the bible is understanding that it has special messages in it just for you.  It has the answer to questions or challenges you face.  There is always an answer for you in the bible no matter what you are facing.  It takes time to grow in God’s word.  You will not know all the answers at once and that is okay.

The third key to understanding is obey what you read in the bible.  This is the key to deeper understanding and revelation.  Jesus said if we obey, then He would pray to the Father and the Father will send us a helper.  This helper is the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit is also our teacher and will help us to understand the bible.  This is the best way to learn how to understand messages that would apply specifically to our lives and the issues we face.

Finally, to understand the bible it is good to get an easy to read version.  This will help because the bible can speak to you in terms you can relate.