Bible Verse On Faith

Heb 11:1 Famous Bible Verse On Faith

Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

This bible verse on faith has been quoted many times and its meaning not fully embraced with a complete understanding of what it means and how it works.  Here is another way I’d like to show you how to look at faith that I hope will provide enlightenment to your understanding of faith and getting results.

Faith is what you have in place of the thing you hope for or want until it manifests.  It is the substance or stuff that produces what you want.  Faith is now . . . in the present.

Faith produces what you want by causing you to do what it takes to produce the outcome or the desire of your faith.  The bible says believe in your heart and do not doubt when you pray and you shall have what you want which means you have it right now.  So that also means if you have faith, you already have or are certain to possess materially and physically the thing that you desire.  Faith is spiritual substance that produces a natural outcome of our heart’s hopes and desires.  So faith is in your heart.

Matthew 6:33 says for us to seek first His Kingdom and all we desire will be added to us.  Seeking what God wants us to do is the action our faith would cause us to take.   This is the action which will produce what our faith hopes for.

The bible tells us that the reason for not having the things we ask for when we go to God is that our own conscious condemns us.  We think we don’t deserve to have it.

So if you hope or desire for anything:

  1. Ask God for it and Believe right now, today in your heart you have it even though you don’t see it “yet.”  But you will.
  2. Do Matthew 6:33 by finding out What God requires you to do.  Talk to God each day.  Ask for instructions throughout each day.  This is how you seek His Kingdom.
  3. Know that you deserve to have what you ask God for.  Throw away all negative feelings and beliefs, because they just aren’t true.

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