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The Visual Word Series Vol.1

A collection of Bible scriptures by topic on: Faith, Healing, Prosperity, and Joy

Visualize God’s Word!

The Visual Word Series is an inspirational collection of narrated Bible scriptures voiced over relaxing music and displayed over breath-taking scenery.

– RhondaKay

The Founder

Rhonda Kay discovered her gift as an artist at age 8 and her musical ability by age 9. She has been involved in artistic and creative expressions since that point writing, drawing, composing, and creating. RhondaKay believes that creativity isn’t confined to one medium and that creativity is best expressed by the inspired and at the time of inspiration.

Her God-given gift is having the ability to see and bring out creativity in others inspiring them to walk in their God-given talent.

Although she may not preach in a pulpit or even in a church building RhondaKay has been a minister to others since she was able to understand that God created us all for a specific purpose. “To minister to is to tend to or take care of or care for.  That’s what Jesus did.” says Rhonda Kay.  We all have that ability.  Introduced to God by her mother, she believes in Jesus Christ and that Christians should be led by the Spirit of Jesus Christ. At an early age she read the Bible to her Grandmother and recognized a call to educate others in spiritual matters.

God is always talking to us and willing to share the truth to anyone who genuinely wants to know it. I pray that the visitors of this website find truth and enlightenment that changes their life in a tangible way.

Rhonda Kay is a Creative… therefore she creates.  She is technical so she solves problems.

In 2001 she founded Let’s Talk Productions and created her own TV Talk Show and was one of the very first Online TV Talk Shows. As she began talking and networking with local news stations, they began to adopt her style of short interview topics in their on air programming.

The Visual Word Series was birthed in 2005 with Rhonda Kay sitting in Bible Study as the pastor began calling out Bible scriptures for the congregation to study on righteousness. She hurriedly wrote them down and in an effort to meditate and memorize the topic.  Then she got the idea to record them, add music and video to facilitate a more immersive experience in the Word.  It was when a family member on 2 different occasions was hospitalized in critical condition she asked the nurse if she could leave an audio playing for them and the nurse agreed.  In each case, each person was released a week later after having been in critical condition. It was then she knew she had to continue the Visual Word media project.

In 2010, she decided to merge her programming skills with the web and with TV to produce media apps and media driven websites. She created the first iOS app for the Dallas VideoFest and is still creating web , mobile and TV applications today.

Latest VWS Collections:

  • Volume 1
  • Volume 2
  • Affirmations

VWS Collections

Volume 1

  • Faith - 2006
  • Joy - 2006
  • Prosperity - 2006
  • Healing - 2006

Volume 2

  • Patience - 2020
  • You Always Win - 2020
  • Faith - 2020
  • You Are Perfect - 2020

Coming Soon

  • I Am - 2011
  • Prayer for my Family - 2016
  • The Lullaby - 2020
  • Affirmations for Marriage - 2020


Who Is The Holy Spirit

Who is the Holy Spirit? Yes, I did refer to the Holy Spirit as a “who” and not a “what” because the Holy Spirit is a person

Hearing From God

Hearing from God requires commitment if you are going to have success. Sometimes I am so busy it catches up with me.


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