Life in the Spirit

Life In The Spirit

How To Live Life In The Spirit

Life in the SpiritIn order for us to live a life in the spirit, we have to have God’s spirit live within us.  There is a process to living life in the spirit.  Though it requires diligence, it is not difficult.  The foundation scriptures below, though not all inclusive, will give you some background on the subject of living by God’s Holy Spirit and help increase your ability to live in the spirit.

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I Can Predict My Future

I Can Predict My Future

How I Am Able To Predict My Future

Ever been fascinated by how your mom or someone who always seemed to know what will happen in the future or they can tell you about yourself? How do they “know things?”  I later discovered how. I can predict my future in one of two ways so that I know for myself what is going to happen.  So can you.
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How to Receive the Holy Spirit

Receive The Holy Spirit

The Truth About How to Receive the Holy Spirit

How to Receive the Holy SpiritThe truth on how to receive the Holy Spirit is contrary to what we may have seen or heard about. Many believe that the Holy Spirit is some weird way of behaving in Christians.  There is a lot of teaching about the various ways to receive the Holy Spirit. Is there only one way or are there several ways? We will look at them today. Read more

Can We Be Super Human

Can We Be Super Human?

What It Means To Be A Super Human Being

Super Human Graphic


Science and Technology make it possible to do what was once impossible but that does not make us super human. I read an article once where they were using technology to recreate stronger limbs when a soldier got injured. Years ago this was only possible in the movies. Read more

Who Is The Holy Spirit

Who Is The Holy Spirit

Is The Holy Spirit A Person?

Who Is The Holy SpiritWho is the Holy Spirit?  Yes, I did refer to the Holy Spirit as a “who” and not a “what” because the Holy Spirit is a person in the form of “God’s Spirit.”  His spirit lives in us and controls us to be all that God created us to be.  If the Holy Spirit can live inside us, that means It can live and if It lives in us that means that it is a person in the form of a spirit.  This “person” can influence our thoughts in a Godly way.

The Holy Spirit is also a “power” or “force” that lives in us.  It is our “helper.” It causes us to do what we could not ordinarily do.  There has been mis-conceptions about this force that would cause people to think the Holy Spirit to be spooky and mysterious.

The Holy Spirit helps us to be able to do things like “forgive” or “be nice” to people who have been mean to us or “to obey God’s Word.”  Think about something the bible tells us to do that is considered hard.  The Holy Spirit enables us to do this thing, if we allow.

The Holy Spirit Influences

There are two influences in this world period.  Good or (God) and Evil the (devil).  Every action we take is influenced by one spirit or the other.

How do we get the Holy Spirit to help us or to influence our lives?  It is easy.  We just have to “allow.”  Read the bible, obey the bible and John 14:15 tells us that Jesus would pray to the Father and he would send us a helper which is the “Holy Spirit.”

Galatians 5:16-22 tells us the difference between good and evil and paints a picture of both when they are operating in our lives.  It also tells us that if we practice doing what God wants, we will develop or produce (certain fruit) in our lives or the things that God’s Holy Spirit produces.

So the only thing we really have to do for the Holy Spirit to help us is to read and obey God’s word and we will receive additional assistance to do what we otherwise could not.

Hearing From God

Hearing From God

Hearing From God Requires Commitment

Hearing From GodHearing from God requires commitment if you are going to have success.  This article shares one of my daily experiences in my quest to learn how to hear from God.

Sometimes I am so busy it catches up with me. Today was one of those days. I overslept this morning so naturally I got up hurried up to shower and dress, said a few words of prayer and dashed out the door.

As I was driving and looking at the time, trying to mentally calculate the time I would reach my destination, I began thinking about how I am always rushing and trying to be timely, which led me to think about my need to meditate and allow the Lord to talk to me. I wanted to hear from God. So I thought to myself, “I’ll do it right now, but I only got about five minutes to do so.”

So I said to the Lord, “I’m listening to you, Lord. Do you have anything you want to tell me?” “Yes,” He said. “You got your pen ready because I’m gonna talk to you.”  So I grabbed my pen excitedly because I was ready to receive this awesome revelation. And so he told me. “First of all, you need to stop putting me on a time limitation. You give me five minutes, of which much of which you can’t focus on totally because you’re driving. Second, you need to act as if I am always going to talk to you. Always be prepared to hear from me because I could have something to tell you at any moment.” God did go on to share some other things with me that he wanted me to know, but the main point he wanted me to get was I need to spend “quality” time to listen to His voice.

How To Hear From God

  1. To hear from God you must first be open and receptive to hear what He has to say.
  2. Be sure and set aside “quality time” with the Lord so you can hear him clearly.  This is key to being able to hear the voice of God.  Quality time involves a set uninterrupted time you dedicate to read/study the Bible in a quiet environment.  Outside influences and distractions don’t allow you to hear properly.
  3. Hearing from God requires the Holy Spirit.  You can allow the Holy Spirit into your life by reading the word of God and by inviting Him in to teach you, lead you and guide you.
  4. Keep a journal and write down what  you believe God is saying to you.  This is good practice.  You may not get it right all the time but by writing it down, you will begin to see a pattern forming and get better at hearing God.
  5. Always listen. Make a practice of sitting still and listening to see if you hear a small voice inside you.  It may not seem like anything significant but write down what you hear if you hear something.  Sometimes the hearing may be thoughts that come to you as you are quiet.  Write these thoughts down.
  6. Practice by asking God what to do in simple situations like what you should do first today, or how to handle a situation at work.

Being able to hear from God is kind of like a skill you practice to get good at.  It involves training.  This is how to hear from God.  God is always talking to us.  We sometimes don’t recognize when He is.

Pray this prayer:

“Lord, I thank you for always hearing me when I pray.  I invite your Holy Spirit to live in me.  I ask that you open my heart and mind to receive knowledge and truth from you.  Teach me to know your voice. Increase my desire for you as I increase my time with you.  I welcome your presence in me.  I welcome your teaching, your guidance and instruction.  I pray this prayer in Jesus’ name.  Amen.”