Go Get What Is Yours

Is there something you know that is supposed to happen for you but it hasn’t happened yet? However you know it will happen “one day.” It may be a promotion on your job, a new car, a business idea, healing in your body, or a spouse. I mention all these tangible things because these are things we can see.

The good news is that God has already provided all these things. They come built into the promises of God when we accept him into our lives. Matthew 6:33 tells us to seek the Kingdom of God first and “these things” (promises) will be added to us. He wants to give us what we desire. Jesus died so we can have abundant life.

I have heard people say and I have said myself, “God won’t bless me unless I do this or that.” However we want to make sure we are not limiting God with our words. God has given us power and authority to speak His promises on ourselves. The promises of God are Yes and Amen.

God is a God of order and he tells us in Proverbs that we must plan so we can be successful. He also says that while we may make plans He has the last word. I believe we should plan and prepare. It is “part of” our act of faith. Then there comes a time where we have done enough planning and preparation and studying and practice and we must “Go Get” what He said was ours. Things may never line up perfectly until you launch. Don’t allow obstacles or even your own short comings stop you.

I encourage you to GO GET what is yours. Don’t limit God. Everything is about time. But don’t miss your appointed time. Could it be that God has been trying to bless you right now but you have not accepted it? Has someone offered you help or assistance? Maybe someone gave you a coupon to the Spa and you are walking around with back pain. Use the coupon!

I remember a time I was spending money regularly for car repairs. My car was paid for. My son kept advising me to get a new one. But I did not want a car note and he helped me realize that I was paying a car note and then some with all the repairs I was paying for. At the time I could not “see” being able to afford a new car… In short, I heeded his advice. Not only was I able to afford the car, but I paid it off in 18 months instead of 5 years.

Review your plans and assess your progress. You may find You are more ready than you thought. Maybe He wants you to move into that house today despite your credit. Maybe your promotion happens today instead of after you get the degree. Go get your customers now and perfect the business model as you go! Many times the preparation and planning is so “we” can feel comfortable when God is saying I have given you everything you need for success.



“Father, I remove any obstacles or hindrance preventing me from receiving “what you have promised me” (fill in the blank). I forgive those who have hurt or offended me and ask forgiveness for myself of any offense.

I ask you to open my eyes so I can see what I have not been seeing before. Show me what to do next…  who to talk to and where to go. Let my words be the right words. I open my heart now to receive what you have promised me, in Jesus name. Amen”

BE Who You Are

Life is good when life is true to the thing that God has called me to.”

How many times do we find ourselves conforming to roles that don’t fit us? It does not matter what background, status or race we have all found ourselves having to portray a “role” or behave in a certain way to satisfy a particular social setting.

We may need to, in some instances, change the person we are in order to BECOME the person we are supposed to BE. I know I have growing up I was in honors classes which separated me from my own culture. I was ashamed to be considered “smart” so I would conform so people would not tease me. I wanted something more than I had seen growing up. My mother’s would always steer me back to being who I was supposed to be.

The question is are you being the person you were created to be. Is the role you are playing getting you closer to where you want to go. While you may be good at “playing a role” you will never be happy being someone else.

We play a role as spouses to please each other only to find out later that one of you does not like taking the yearly Ski trip… In fact you don’t even like to ski! You tolerate being in environments you are uncomfortable in… Hanging with groups that don’t value your core beliefs… Or maybe you work a job for years that is neither fulfilling or profitable, but you stay because it is all you know. Maybe you make great money but are afraid of the security you have built on “a job with benefits.”

If we rely on God to direct us, we will “live from within” that is, follow our hearts. If our hearts are full of God then our hearts will never steer us wrong. God teaches us to hear Him by confirming the thoughts He placed in us. You may get an idea to give someone $100 and not pay attention to the idea. A week later you hear about that person needing $100. That is confirmation.

Follow your heart. Never let anyone influence you to be who you are not. This is the beginning to you being who you are supposed to be. It is the beginning to fulfillment in life.