Bible Verse on Faith

Bible Verse On Faith

Heb 11:1 Famous Bible Verse On Faith

Bible Verse on FaithHebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

This bible verse on faith has been quoted many times and its meaning not fully embraced with a complete understanding of what it means and how it works.  Here is another way I’d like to show you how to look at faith that I hope will provide enlightenment to your understanding of faith and getting results.

Faith is what you have in place of the thing you hope for or want until it manifests.  It is the substance or stuff that produces what you want.  Faith is now . . . in the present.

Faith produces what you want by causing you to do what it takes to produce the outcome or the desire of your faith.  The bible says believe in your heart and do not doubt when you pray and you shall have what you want which means you have it right now.  So that also means if you have faith, you already have or are certain to possess materially and physically the thing that you desire.  Faith is spiritual substance that produces a natural outcome of our heart’s hopes and desires.  So faith is in your heart.

Matthew 6:33 says for us to seek first His Kingdom and all we desire will be added to us.  Seeking what God wants us to do is the action our faith would cause us to take.   This is the action which will produce what our faith hopes for.

The bible tells us that the reason for not having the things we ask for when we go to God is that our own conscious condemns us.  We think we don’t deserve to have it.

So if you hope or desire for anything:

  1. Ask God for it and Believe right now, today in your heart you have it even though you don’t see it “yet.”  But you will.
  2. Do Matthew 6:33 by finding out What God requires you to do.  Talk to God each day.  Ask for instructions throughout each day.  This is how you seek His Kingdom.
  3. Know that you deserve to have what you ask God for.  Throw away all negative feelings and beliefs, because they just aren’t true.

You can get the mp3 or mp4 file of audio or video scriptures on faith by clicking on bible scriptures by topic.  These downloads will help you memorize bible scriptures on faith and strengthen your faith.

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Dealing With Peer Pressure

Deal With Peer Pressure

Dealing With Peer Pressure Effectively

Dealing With Peer PressureWe are all dealing with peer pressure every day.  We usually think about peer pressure as teenage peer pressure or pressure from a particular group of people to get a person to act a certain way or do a certain thing.  Our society is built on a foundation of peer pressure that is causing people to have mental and medical conditions.  In the words of one man, People “spend money they don’t have to impress people they don’t like.”  It’s not an exact quote.  Peer Pressure is a real force that drives real action but did you know that we don’t have to give in to its influences?

The media says we should live our lives “this way” or “that way” or that we have to have “this” be “this” or wear “that.”  At one point the media said we all have to be skinny, have long straight hair as a woman to be beautiful, then they said it’s okay to be big.  If I write a book and a lot of people know about it, then I must be an expert.  What is sad is that we believe and buy nearly everything the media says whether we admit it or not.

We are told what holidays to celebrate and how to celebrate them . . . even to the point of what type of education is best or acceptable. We determine what is good or bad, valuable or invaluable by our attitudes and esteem toward a given thing.

At one point, being African American, I would never have worn my hair any other way than “straight” and long.  When short straight hair cuts came in style, I cut my hair and wore a nice, straight style and received many compliments.  We even let society tell us what kind of man or woman to date.  This is how we came up with socio-economic status.  And it does have its place within proper perspectives, but I say most of us are mentally controlled by “status quos” and don’t think for ourselves.  We don’t even read for ourselves.

We are told today that if we are not on Facebook or Twitter, our businesses will not be successful.  So everyone has bought in. It used to be MySpace.  There will be new technology coming out and we will all move to it as soon as they tell us to.  You have to ask yourself, “How did businesses become successful before Facebook and Twitter?”  We as a society determine what is valid as a whole using the media as our guide and we agree upon it to make it a norm.  Allow your opinions to be those you formulate on your own and not because  everyone else is doing it.

Tips for dealing with peer pressure:

Let’s just take some time and think for a moment . . . who created books before there ever were any?  Men. How did they know to create the books?  Who told them to?  They were inspired with an idea.  They shared it with those around them and it caught on.  Just because an idea you have has never been done before doesn’t mean it won’t work.  Computers and most major technology, especially the Internet had to have buy-in from the people.

Peer pressure is all about influence. Who is doing the influencing?  Why are they able to influence people?  We all have equal opportunity to influence.  You can influence people by not being influenced.  It is said that people with the most money have the most influence. You know why?  It is because people give them and their money that power.  That is not real influence.  Once you run out of money, you run out of influence if that is the case.  My family lived at one point in a really bad neighborhood influenced by heavy drugs and alcohol, yet we chose not to be involved as pre-teens and teenagers.

Peer pressure is all about how you think about what other people think, have thought or will think about you. You have to not care.  Not in a bad way.  It is truly freedom to be able to live by your own values and not be concerned about what people will say about you.  When we get to this point, we are free.  This takes a great deal of stress off of us.

Lastly, you have to value yourself so much that it doesn’t matter who it is, if it is wrong, it’s wrong and you don’t have to go along with it. Dealing with peer pressure involves the ability to think properly about situations and put them in the right perspective.

How Faith Works

Sex Before Marriage

Wedding Couple - MarriageThere is not a whole lot of teaching about the implications of “sex before marriage.”  Our society teaches us to be responsible adults and we are taught to talk with our children about sex and in American schools, we teach them to have protected or “safe sex” in the event it happens.

So what is wrong with two consenting adults having sex before marriage?

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