The Visual Word Series is an audio visual collection of Bible Scriptures displayed over breathtaking video and narrated over relaxing music.

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What people say after watching the Visual Word

I have seen other video but none exactly like this.  These videos provide a new perspective on how to ingest the Word of God!

Amit Kumar
Amit KumarCEOMillermedia

I was very pleased with the videos. They are relaxing… peaceful. I enjoy watching them. I use them to help me fall asleep.

Tajauna Simmons
Tajauna SimmonsHomemakerSandrew Inc.

Learn Bible Scriptures By Topic

Memorise Scriptures

Listen to the audio of bible scriptures by topic over and over to memorize the scriptures.

Grow Spiritually

Listen to and watch the videos for a more immersive experience to help you grow.

Relaxing Atmosphere

Play the audio or the video to create a peaceful, relaxing environment.

Learn by Subject

Audio and video are created in 5 minute segments by topic.

Engage Your Senses

We combine audio (ears) and video (eyes) for a more impactful experience.

Enjoy the music

Music is carefully crafted to create relaxing and tranquil moments.

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